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For immediate release:

All Storms Pass: The Anti-Meditations

ISBN-10:  0615520138 / ISBN-13:  978-0615520131

Distribution: Ingram  /  Baker & Taylor






The power to change one's life lies in one's own hands. ALL STORMS PASS offers powerful and bold messages to not be considered, but embraced with gusto. Thoughtful and powerful reading that will resonate clearly and fully on many levels, ALL STORMS PASS is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a way to fire their way through life.

                                         – Midwest Book Review

      Author Luke Benoit is just catching his breath after a book launch that included readings and signings at bookstores in Venice and Pasadena, and a whirlwind New Mexico book tour where he was interviewed by three radio hosts and gave a talk at Ark Books in Santa Fe.

     Since its publication four months ago, Benoit’s inspirational self-help book, ALL STORMS PASS: THE ANTI-MEDITATIONS (635 pp., tpb, $19.95) has garnered rave reviews from readers, reviewers and mental health professionals. It is now available at seven bookstores in Venice, Pasadena, Orange County, Sedona and Santa Fe, and can also be ordered on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

     Robert Dey of Recovery International’s Power to Change prison program called ALL STORMS PASS “one of the most inspiring books I've been fortunate to come upon in recent years on how to simply live with everyday stressors and to gain a deeper insight for which most of us are looking for more self-discovery.”

     Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist Luke Benoit left the Hollywood film industry 15 years ago to pursue a career path in mental health counseling, and stopped writing. Then one day he found himself writing again--this time for the mentally ill.

     “I was running therapy groups at a lock-down acute care mental hospital for patients who were severely depressed or psychotic,” says Benoit. “The groups were sometimes hard to get moving so I started writing these ideas and bringing them in to use as a jumping off point and to give the groups a shape.”

    When Benoit found himself “going through some very hard times,” he began writing the daily meditations to heal his own psyche and soul. “Kind of like a secret diary.” One that he continued to share via e-mail and Facebook with the 200+ fans who began clamoring for a book. 

    “And after about two years,” says Benoit. “Poof! I had a book.” In fact, although the “poems” appear effortless, they required careful modulation of content and visual style before being published with Amazon’s Createspace in January 2012.

    Perhaps the key to the book’s ability to attract and hold readers lies in its opening  “Statement of High Self-Esteem:”

    “If anyone ever told you that you were anything less than wonderful--they lied.”